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Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Hi everyone! I'm excited to be taking this class! Somehow, it feels very much out of my comfort zone, which is weird because I've been a graphic artist for many years, and fine art is my greatest love. Maybe it's the exacting detail that feels awkward - getting the lines 'just so', and the fact that I'm used to choosing fonts on the computer, not create them from scratch. 

I chose "Be your own kind of beautiful", and I'm not sure if it may be a difficult phrase to do because it's hard to make literal. I would love input on that - from Mary and/or anyone taking this course kind enough to be interested in my project. ;)

My moodboard - 

Some words that define the feeling I'd like to portray are - rustic, earthy, handmade, quirky, softness/strength and of course, beautiful.

3 types of fonts so far. Er, I mean - lettering.

Another 2 -

Next day - found some more inspiration and direction.

Sketched and doodled - (sorry about the horrible photo!)

And came up with this - 

Edited with VSCO Cam and Mextures (and below, Instagram as well) -

Thoughts/feedback appreciated (unless you hate it)!!! :)


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