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Be Wavy Summer 2013 Lookbook


My name is Mark and I'm going to be presenting a Lookbook for my brand Be Wavy. Be Wavy is a brand that I started this summer and been slowly building for the last couple months. I have shot a couple look book projects before, one for a store I work for in Cincinnati and one for another local clothing brand. Those lookbooks turned out okay, but they were just okay. I wasn't satisfied with the overall quality of the photos and the haphazard approach I took which was just going out and shooting the clothes and not really paying attention to the details. I realized this was an issue but didn't know how to fix it. This is where the shot checklist that Tasha introduced to us in the class comes in. The checklist was a great addition to my creative process. This helped me to have in mind what shots I needed to get before I got out on location and even sparked a few ideas for shots before got on location. Also the list of lookbook photographers that inspire your work helped too, I had never heard of Kenneth Cappello or Anna Li Sian. And Van is one of my favorite photographers to date, it's amazing how comfortable he makes his models which is key in a lot of shoots. I also use to struggle with telling my models how to pose or what to do because I didn't know how to say it or ask them how to but watching the video I realized that you just have to say it, lol, especially when it's for the greater good of the photo.

Lesson 1: My Mood Board

For my inspiration board I used images that I have gathered over time that caught my eye while browsing some blogs: tumblr, hypebeast, highsnobiety, complex, and the hundreds to name a couple. I chose these photos because they feature the subjects in natural situations, the shots aren't really of them posing persay. And I wanted my lookbook shots to give off a natural, relatable environment which I was why I chose to shoot in a local convenient store. The three main mood ideas I am focusing on are laid back, natural, and everyday relatability. Check out my moodboard below!

Lesson 2: My Shot Checklist

(my favorite newest addition to my creative process:))

My shot check list is below. I did it in my 'notes' app on my phone so I could actually use it on location. I also was shooting in a business so I tried to be as courteous and professional possible when doing the shoot, I definitely if it was okay to shoot in and around the store before we started.

Lesson 3: The Final Lookbook Project

Using the new suggestions and methods in each lesson I have created my own lookbook! And it's definitley my best in my opinion to date. When shooting this lookbook I shot with a friend of mine who I've shot with before so we both have a feel for the way each other work. Proud to present Be Wavy Summer 2013 Look Book. Any feedback is welcome!

Here's my lookbook I hope you enjoy! My lookbook will be presented in slideshow format on my website

If you would like to network my email is [email protected]

instagram: @markbwavy


Thank you for the class Tasha!


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