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Be "Super" by Halloween

Project Charter and Scope

As I noted in my post, I was never fit when I was younger. Call it a bad role of dice, but: not the best genetics, an unhealthy home environment, and no knwoledge of how to change it, kept me fat and out of shape for most of my youth. So I was the "husky" little Superman running around in the plastic mask with that rubber band string that always broke.

So now, in middle age, having been at a moderately healthy but in no way fit plateau for about a year, I'm ready to regroup and refocus on a goal - even if it's just a simple, nostalgic one to be super and look super for Halloween.

Project Plan: Fitness Action Plan

In order to look lean and muscled enough to make my Old Navy Superman shirt look good, commit January thru October to a hopefully reasonable program of exercise and nutrition designed to realistically reduce body fat (initial guestimate 15lbs) and add lean muscle (initial guestimate 10lbs).

Coincidentially, Man of Steel comes out at about the half-way mark of this plan, so, as a checkpoint goal, be lean enough and comfortable enough to wear a Superman t-shirt to the premier.


Weight training program 3x/week progressing weight or reps each workout

Positve Fitness Habit Change: Give it time! No program hopping as soon as I feel bored, disappointed in immediate lack of dramatic visable transformation, or when I get the next e-mail that says this new program will solve all of my problems.


Maintain a reasonably clean diet with specific calorie and macronutrient targets designed to reduce fat and maintain/support lean muscle

Positve Fitness Habit Change: AccuracyI Limited spitballing or guestimating. The kitchen scale is on the kitchen counter for a reason, and I intend to weigh and measure items reasonably and record and track calories and macros.

1st Project Update


I neglected to post a photo from the start of my journey. It was almost Thanksgiving 2009, and I was delivering a presentation to a community group. When I saw the picture, I was shocked. I knew I had issues based on a recent blood test, but I still didn;t think things were that bad.


After I saw this shot, I really started to focus and turn things around. I slowly cleaned up aspects of my diet and started trying to move more often. My numbers slowly got better, and I lost some weight. It's always easy when you start, but the results started to slow and the effort required to pushed results really started to increase. Long story short, I've found myself in a rut for over a year. I've generally maintained, but I haven't been moving forward.

Now I want to push things ahead to achieve my goal. That's why I went out and bought this shirt that I've positioned in my closet where I'll see it every day as motivation.


That brings me to today's update. I finished out the week strong with a great workout, limited myself to one cheat meal, managed my calroies around that meal, drank lots of water, and I'm giving myself plenty of rest before I hit the gym tomorrow where I plan to progress with my current program and increase weight and/or reps over last week. I'm focused. I'm driven. I've got a shirt waiting for me!

Detailed Action Plan


- MW split weight routine followed HIIT and light cardio
- TT swiming and light cardio
- F metabolic reistance training
- SS walking/hiking/recreational activity
- Progressively increase weight or reps
- Take advantage of regular gym assessments to measure progress

Proof: One Positive Fitness Habit Change

Made it into the gym on a holiday instead of just saying, "I'll get caught up tomorrow." Very excisted to say that I got out of bed just to go to the gym!


- On training days MWF: high protein, moderate carbs, low fat
- On training days MWF: include post workout nutrition of protein/fcarbs
- On rest days TTSS: high protein, low carb, slightly higher fat
- Track calories/macros via myfitnesspal
- Whenever, possible weigh/measure food
- Whenever possible bring prepared food from home
- Allow one "free" meal per week

Proof: One Positive Nutrtion Habit Change

Enjoyed just a single "free meal" out with my wife last week and then adjusted calories/macros over the next meals/days accordingly to still fit into the overal week's nutrition plan. End result that the free meal actually becomes part of the nutrition plan!

I'm on my way!


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