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Leitha Matz




Be Strong to Be Useful (WIP)

Georges Hébert was an officer in the French Navy and was stationed in Martinique. On 8 May 1902, there was a volcanic eruption that completely destroyed the town of St. Pierre.

Hébert helped seven hundred people escape, which reinforced his belief that it's not enough to have good intentions, one must combine athletic skill with courage and altruism. He is still known for his personal motto, "Être fort pour être utile" ("Being strong to be useful").

For this project, I plan to work out a logotype for the phrase: Be Strong to Be Useful.

With that in mind, my mood board is full of the stong, useful type of an older era.


I've been doing some pencil and Illustrator sketching loosely based off the Safe-Guard Check-Writer stamp. I really like the container provided by the diamond.

Here's a bit of typeface testing. I'm now at work editing the script at the lower-right quadrant because I found a script that's pretty close to what I want, but I'd like to see more ornamental edges like the Blatz script in the mood board.



I like the B, but the S is still funny. I may want to add additional ornamentation to the end of the g or the l. I think I'll also squeeze the Be closer to the Useful in the second phrase and style the dashes.

After I'm happy with the balance and flow of the lettering, I'm going to try a bit of the shading Ray showed in the video!

I've added some shading and shadowing as you can see here in the red version, but I'm not convinced about whether I'll keep it or not. It seems less legible. I'm going to do some color experiments and see what comes out of that.



Kind of feeling a Lichtenstein vibe on the color scheme, so I'm trying some color samples from one of his prints. I like the retro Superman effect.



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