Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful

I gradually gained a lot of weight through a poor diet and increasingly sedentary life style.  I’d tried to loose weight, improve my diet and increase my activity in various ways but nothing had a very big impact on the overall trend of increasing weight and decreasing fitness.  Half way through 2011 I decided to make a concerted effort to permanently alter my lifestyle I began consistently exercising 5 times a week, which included taking up Judo, and managed my diet better.  With these changes I managed to loose around 45 pounds in weight, increase my strength and general fitness and decrease my asthma symptoms.   

I then injured my knee and was told to stop exercising until after it was repaired so was unable to exercise through the first part of the year although I did manage to maintain my weight loss.  I had an operation to replace my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and spend 2012 working on my recovering the use of my knee.  After the operation I gained back some of the weight I lost the previous year, I also started upper body weight exercises and using fitocracy to trace my progress.  I’m still working to recover my knee’s full stamina and agility and build my fitness back to the level it was before but I have been able to start Judo again.

My general goals are to reduce my body fat percentage without loosing muscle and improve my strength, agility and endurance.

  • Reduce my body fat by 10%
  • Run 5k continuously
  • Learn how to lift barbells
  • Build a new routine of plyometric and agility exercises for my injured knee
  • Be able to do handstands, backwards rolls and push up
  • Compete at Judo


      Reduce body fat by managing calories and a fasting plan

* Stop eating in the morning   -  I used to very rarely eat in the morning and only started eating breakfast to try and manage my weight.

* Pick a few days each month to track my food intake and nutrient.   -   I’m no good at tracking my food intake in a detailed way over long periods of time so I think sampling is a better strategy for me.

* Increase my protein intake using supplements   -   When I struggle to get the right amount of protein in my diet so this will allow me to boost my protein.

* Workout an eating plan to take into account exercise, rest and judo days.
* Work out some set calorie snacks and meals for convenience
* Monitor body fat %, measurements and weight.


* Continue coach to 5k and interval running
* Book barbell training at gym
* Build a new routine of plyometric and agility exercises for my injured knee
* Continue to attend judo sessions and work my way to full randori once my knee allows
* Push ups, backward roll, handstand - break down the movement and practice with them


I've lost acouple of inches from my waist and chest, and reduced my body fatby about 2.5% since the startof January.  I've only eaten in the morning once in the last two week and I'm taking Whey powder to increase my protein.  I'm on week 4 of a coach to 5K plan and have started plyomietrics for my injured knee.  In the last two weeks I've been to Judo training three times and started taking part in randori, although I'm taking it slowly.  After some study and practice I managed to do several backwards rolls.


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