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Be So Bold Designs

My Story

Recently I left my corporate job as the graphic designer and social media manager of a large corporation to start my own digital media marketing firm - Be So Bold Designs. BSB specializes in web design, graphic design, and social media management/consulting. This class has been extremely helpful in learning not to just help others market, but really how to help market my own company on social media (which can be more difficult than marking for someone else). Here are my "jabs" and "right hooks" for various social platforms:

Tumblr "Jab" GIF 

I am current writing a blog post on my site about storytelling in marketing. Here is my upcoming tumblr post with a GIF I created in photoshop. I will include the link once I am done writing it. 

Are you telling your story? Here are 10 tips to bring your company’s social sites to life! #top10 #storytelling #socialscience

Instagram "jab"

This is a photo I took while hiking up a mountain in TN. It includes one of my favorite quotes from Robert Frost that hints at the name and theme of my company.

What does being BOLD mean to you? #design #quotes #inspiration 

Facebook "right hook/jab"

Here I am giving a tip but also asking my followers to visit my site (which is almost complete).

Does your website pass the 5 second rule? Drop us a line and we will take a look! #websitedesign 

Twitter/Pinterest "Jab"

Here I am giving my followers important information regarding sizing your pictures correctly on different social sites. I will have this all up in one blog once I complete the graphics for all the major social media sites. Here are the specs for twitter. 

Having trouble getting your photos to fit on your social sites? Here is a quick guide to help! #socialscience #twitter #design

I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts! Thanks for taking a look at my project. 


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