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Be My Guest

I want to own an inn. Yep, just like every other silly romantic that thinks owning and running an inn will be laid back days sitting on the porch with guests from all over the world drinking really great wine. I know it will actually require far less sexy tasks like cleaning bathrooms and investigating disturbing sounds at 3:00 am. But I still want to do it. However I need experience and capital.

I have recently bought a historic house about 10 minutes from downtown Phoenix. It has this super cute little casita that is detached from the house. Currently it sits empty most of the time... so I thought perhpas this is my opportunity to open a micoinn! I'm considering this my proof of concept!

I will provide a peaceful yet fun space to delight out of town travelers. I will transform my guest house into a vacation/travel rental for one or two guests. The guest house is located in the historic North Encanto neighborhood, minutes from downtown Phoenix, adjacent to a large city park and public golf course. The guest house will be a refuge in the city for business travelers, vacationers, and those involved with the nearby hospital that need extended stay options.

I currently have the guest house, high-end linens and toiletries, beach cruiser bicycles, and an espresso maker.

I must acquire a new bed, mini fridge, television, cable, wifi router, and update the climate control in the room.

My very hospitable family and I make up all the necessary staff.

My customer will be a single out of town business traveler or a couple looking for a Phoenix get-a-way. Since my customer will be selecting a “bed and breakfast” experience over the traditional hotel experience, he/she values personalization, coziness, and connection. 

By doing business with me, my customer gets to stay in a private room off of my garden designed to relax and delight. He/she will be able to enjoy spending time in my courtyard, riding a bicycle through the neighborhood, or accessing local amenities.

The hardest part will be making the time to provide excellent service. 

I will focus on providing a local experience. I’ll provide local food and wine as well as a custom map with the best local restaurants and attractions. My location is close to public transportation so guests do not have to have a car. It is also walkable to the golf course and Encanto Park, and a short distance to St. Joseph’s Hospital. In addition, I will be able to use my knowledge of wine to provide a unique experience for wine lovers.

By using the online registry services, I will be able to advertise and develop a following... IF I do a great job!


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