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Be Kind

Hi everyone!

I was asked to make a handlettered sign for my workplace. We're constantly plagued with students who book appointments with us, but then don't show up, which is a problem for those students who really need the help from us, but can't access us due to all the no-shows.

I began my process by practicing the strokes for a couple days until I got used to my pen, to then sketching on tracing paper to get the forms I wanted. Mind you, I researched a little, but I still don't know how to be innovative with my letterforms. So I just went with whatever felt natural as I was scribbling ideas with a pencil.

Below, you can see, I have some problems with sizing some words and such, so I wrote them out more than once to photoshop it out later.


Edited version with inverted colours. I still really don't like the wide spacing of 'your' with the empty space to the right, and the 'cancel' needs a lot of refinement too. Perhaps working much bigger would have helped me here.


I let it be for now anyhow. I took a picture of some flowers from our garden and pasted the lettering in while setting it to 'screen' in photoshop. Notice the pencil lines and the tracing paper texture? I really liked the rough look. It helped give the image a type of 'feel' and I wanted to leave it in.


And that's that! I'm very glad to have stumbled onto this class (totally by accident) and I really enjoyed the process!


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