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Be Kind...

30-July-2013 Layout Quote

I'm pressed for time so decided to buy a font to lay out. The picture is mine, taken from a bedroom window a couple of years ago.

30-July-2013 Practicing Letterforms

I've not finished this but decided to just post where I've got to so far. The capital M was the hardest so far and it's got additional angles not in the original! 

June-2013 Logos & Branding

Pics for logos and branding - just a few here but I think there is a good range of styles in the font choices.

I hope the "blah blah blah" book cover tagline doesn't offend?! I like the hand drawn chalk effect.

The coffee and cake text feels a bit more classy - I would expect more than a sticky bun and coffee in a plastic cup.

The haribo text has nice round edges like the gummy sweets. 

The skyy vodka text is skewed because of the angle I took the pic, and I like the contrast of the thick and thin strokes.

The Dreamies mix text is fun and playful and the colours add to that feeling.

The standard archive box text feels basic and functional, ideal for the product.

The chilli seed mix text feels fun, like it's trying to make eating seeds groovy. The nutrition information text is more formal.



I've included the before and after kerning states. Sometimes the adjustment is really small for each letter, and is only really noticable when the whole word is tweaked. 


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