Be Just and Fear Not

Be Just and Fear Not - student project

Be Just and Fear Not - image 1 - student project

This is the motto on my family's coat of arms! I don't want to actually do the coat of arms itself with the phrase, but I thought it was suiting that it be on a shield. I think what I'm going to do by the end of the project is vectorize this, then transfer it to linoleum for printmaking purposes.

Improvements: I think I'm going to make the whole thing narrower, as this is kind of a ridiculous shape for a shield. That will get rid of a bit of the negative space on either side of the "and" as well. By the end, I may have the white of the shield have a wood pattern and put some bolts or rivets on the steel border of it. "BE JUST" and "FEAR NOT" will look metal if I do the wood grain thing, as well. I'm still working on a simple knight helmet motif for the empty pointier part of the shield beneath "FEAR NOT"