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Be Happy. B Healthy. Be Professional.

I have been reading tips and tricks such as these for YEARS. The problem is, I don't implement them. OR... I do, fail or fall out of routine, and give up. I don't want to do that anymore. I don't want to waste time anymore.

I am a freelance web designer, I make my own hours, I work from home, and have two kids. There is just so much to try and keep control of that I put myself last, usually. What I've done after completing the videos in this course, is make a spreadsheet schedule for the whole month of January! While the kids were busy with their Christmas toys and my clients are all offline and with their own families, I was able to spend two full days planning MY days, MY future, MY goals. So now, no matter what comes up, I have a whole month to just check my spreadsheet and not stress or think over what I may be missing or forgetting!

I am so excited to begin! Here is a breakdown:

Primary Focus - My primary focus is to be more business-oriented when making decisions about how I spend my time. I would like to be more organized and stick to a schedule so I can not only meet deadlines, but shorten the overall time spent working. Since my overall health and mental attitude effect how well I work, I will need to work on better habits as well as decision-making.

  • Monday: Forecast - Plan the week
  • Tuesday: Music and Nature - Sit on a bench and enjoy music
  • Wednesday: Chores - Spend time in one room
  • Thursday: Exercise - Go hard on the bike /or Weights
  • Friday: Yoga/Stretch - Back yoga (or whatever problem area is)
  • Saturday: Reading - Just read in a book
  • Sunday: Reflection - What worked and what didn't? Lessons learned? Write it down.

8:30 - Wake up

  • Water - 1 Min
  • Get Inspired - 14 Min (Youtube, Tedtalk, etc)
  • Walk Dog - 15 Min
  • Journal, Affirmation - 15 Min
  • Meditation - 10 Min
  • Focus on theme - 30 Min
  • Shower, straighten up bedroom/bathroom - 30 Min
  • Read - 15 Min
  • Plan work day - 5 Min

11:20 - 5pm - Work

5pm - Exercise with husband when he's home from work.

I've got post-it notes all over the house reminding me to "Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be professional!"

I will post my Reflections to my blog @

Wish me luck! :-)


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