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Be Free

So, I've decided to change directions. Instead of my previous concept, I'm going with an illustration with a Starling bird, either a European or Violet-backed. I love the vivid colors and I think it will play out well digitally.

Pinterest board:


Here's a few initial quick sketches. I tried to let my mind go free, and somehow ended up with bears and a girl, which I thought was fun. Sorry for the burryness, I took them with my phone. :)


After playing around with different ideas and sketches, I found I liked a concept with a girl and bird on her shoulder the best. I've had an interest in feathers lately, and I naturally gravitate towards portraits. Below is the concept I would like to go with for the final sketch.


My final drawing. Next step, digital versions!


This project has been really fun! So far I have two versions to share. I'm working on a third to post. My favorite is the darker one with the muted colors. I added some grungy brush textures and a few paper textures, though I didn't go too overboard with it. Perhaps my third concept I'll use more and go a little crazy, and I may add some typography that says "Be Free".

Version 1:

Version 2:

Version 3: 


Final Thoughts: My personal favorite is versions 2 and 3. I like the muted look of 2, but I also like the textures in 3. I may also add more grunge to 3. I didn't end up adding any typography, but I plan to play around with text when I get some more free time, especially if I sell prints or shirts.

Any feedback or suggestions is appreciated!


Added Text and changed the background to white:


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