Be Excellent to Each Other | Skillshare Projects

Livy Hoskins

Lead Designer, Southtree



Be Excellent to Each Other

One of my favorite movies during high school was Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. I liked it because it was totally goofy and hilarious and the two dudes were so completely happy-go-lucky throughout. One of my favorite quotes from the movie is "Be Excellent to Each Other." It's such a simple phrase that basically conveys the Golden Rule in a more succinct and less-straight-laced way. Just from my preliminary notes I can see two directions to go in: either I can embrace imagery from the movie and let this be very specific to that movie OR I can go with the Golden Rule direction and let the illustration be more universal. I'm leaning more towards the latter just because I think this message applies to everyone and you don't need to have seen the movie to understand it.


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