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Lindsey Moyer

Graphic Designer



Be Bright

Hi friends!

I've decided to create a piece using the quote "Be Bright". It's basically a paraphrase of so many scriptures that encourage us to "be the light" and it's deep meaning for me. I love the positive sentiment.

Plus, it's only two words and I am a total rookie at this hand-lettering business.

Looking forward to this!


I enjoyed this part of the process. I'm a print designer at Highlights for Children and usually have to work under really tight deadlines. As a result, I often take the first good idea that pops in my head and run with it. It was nice, for a change, to take the time to think outside the box and let a few ideas simmer.


I tend to love loose, playful, textural pieces and I hope to capture that in my design. Also, I feel the mood this style creates is pretty fitting.


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