Be Brave and TRY!

Be Brave and TRY! - student project

Hello Marie-Noelle and everyone :)

I have wanted to draw since I was a child but didn't know how. This class called my name because it felt like Marie-Noelle was talking about me :D No confidence whatsoever and not a clue where to start, I'm autistic so sometimes things are a big struggle but I prefer to better it!  I've completed exercise one of the class, I had a lot of fun but did not manage to do as planned though.

Firstly the book I bought especially for this project will not take watercolours! I'm a complete novice to art and tried not to wet the paper too much but it started to break down and I thought it might tear so I only did a small section in paint. This gave me the idea then that it looked a little like a rip and that I could see a planet and space through the tear? Then I thought "oh no this is supposed to be abstract only!" but I had a little strange picture in my head so I went with it. So I guess it is a failed experiment at abstract lol! I did try out what supplies I have though..I have black and sepia fineliners but all three sepia pens are different manufacturers and very different colours! I don't know if my photograph is good enough to show that? I used some Polychromos pencils to makes eyes for my spidery creature.

I was totally lost and happily absorbed doing this..I loved it so thank you for giving me the inspiration to try! I've shown my page with notes and the page with just the class work.

Be Brave and TRY! - image 1 - student project

Be Brave and TRY! - image 2 - student project

If you think it is worth it I will try exercise two?

This is my Exercise Two, the cover for my project book.

Be Brave and TRY! - image 3 - student project

Well these next exercises have caused so much laughing! are my self portraits.

One of my dogs was sitting beside me so I drew her with my eyes closed too..I obviously know her better than myself, she is a fine long hound!

My left hand must belong to someone else because, as you can see, it doesn't want to do anything I ask it! Wow, Marie-Noelle this was hard..

Be Brave and TRY! - image 4 - student project

The music tomorrow..

A really big step for me today..I hope this is not too boring. The reason I'm taking these classes is that I can't seem to relax and be creative.For nearly sixty years I was frozen.

Be Brave and TRY! - image 5 - student project

I was doing fine..I really enjoyed doing the cover lettering section, great fun. Then the left-handed/eyes closed came up and froze up, I practiced on scrap paper maybe a dozen times before I would use my book. I thought about it after I had posted it. I decided that, if I was going to get over my fear, I should address it now. So my piece to music I is eyes closed..picked up the pen and book, music on, close eyes, draw! It's what's outside my door, I see it constantly, no practice. Not exactly abstract but not normal either, pen work all in one go, eyes shut. Watercolour and me are not making easy friends so although it looks like my eyes were shut..they were open..John Mayer and I are now closely acquainted, in fact I may not be able to listen to him for quite a while!'s terrible, I hate it BUT I did it and I'm showing it :D The two sets of squiggles to the left are the gates to the garden, nobody has a roof on their house, the road has almond trees growing in it but hey! the dog's not bad lol!

Penultimate exercise.

I took a photograph of a feral kitten that lives in our stables, he has a name now..Teatime but is totally wild.

I blocked in with India ink leaving a kitten shape plain paper as Teatime is white. Then I used grey marker and Zig marker to try and add some definition and character. The others are all Teatime but in disguise :)

Be Brave and TRY! - image 6 - student project