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Be Bold

I've decided to illustrate on of my favorite quotes, "Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid." When I hear it, it brings to my mind scenes of dramatic nature and people vs. the elements, and especially the climactic scene in The Alchemist.

I had a little trouble choosing a direction in the beginning (Pintrist is great at leading you down the rabbit hole and away from whatever you're trying to accomplish!) but I curated all of the images that I saved into something that can hopefully come together for a cohesive project. I want the final product to look organic and mix letters in with natural elements: trees, mountains, lightning, or other things. There are a few examples in my mood board of type functioning as the illustration in the form of buildings, and I'd really like to play with that idea when I get to sketching. I want use high-contrast colors, either keeping the final design in black and white or integrating yellows and dark blues into it. 

Now on to sketching!


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