Bay 2 Breakers block party

Quick background: we've been throwing a Bay 2 Breakers block party going on 5 years, and it has been growing year over year.  Our first year was 25 peple, and we are now anticipating over 200!  I say "Block Party" because it is the last place to hang out, dance, grab drinks, people watch, etc. before entering heavily regulated Golden Gate Park.  We sell tickets but generate a ton of walk-up because of the prime location.  We have police barricades & private security to ensure smooth-sailing; DJs blasting for a few hours; all-you-can-drink-and-eat; and an enclosed area on the street to ensure safety (I can send images & video t/ Facebook).

As the party gets bigger, it is taking more time to plan.  The high growth of people YOY = more expenditures on our end & organizational structure needed.  Planning earlier & preparing to prevent unknowns is vital to ensuring a great time for everyone.  

WHEN: Sunday May 19

WHERE: Fell St


28-Feb Beer Sponsors
28-Feb book DJ (party) & sound
28-Feb book DJ (post-party) & sound
31-Mar hire security
15-Apr determine Theme
16-Apr Eventbee for ticket purchases
16-Apr book grill master
12-May purchase wristbands (3 styles)
12-May non-sponsored alcohol purchased
12-May party favors 
18-May Cups & Ice
18-May ZipCar & transportation of grill
18-May Food

MAX EXPENDITURES (anticipated): $3230 

MAX EXPENDITURES (unanticipated): $500


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