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Battlestar Galactica original series

5th post (2016-03-24)

Added Audio to Animation, I believe it makes a huge difference.

4th post (2016-02-03)

Made the animation have more speed, from 33 seconds to 22 seconds.

I used time remapping on PreComps to make some scenes shorter while keeping the composition intact.
I also made the transitioning from one scene to another more fluent, and the next scene is already started instead of starting from 0 movement

One real change I made is to the laser beams, now a thinner line but a larger and intense glow.

Attached the Vimeo embed

3rd post (2016-01-30)

First the High Quality Vimeo embed of the full animation, more info on the steps I made below the animation.

Today I made my final scene (5th), and tweaked some of the other scenes. And put it all together to one animation.

I used an wiggle expression on the glow to randomise the engine brightnes. (on the glow intensity value)



For the ship movement I used a path for the general movement (objects parented to a null to follow it) and for some random movemven and rotation an wiggle position and wiggle rotation effect.


2nd Post (2016-01-27)

Today I tweaked my illustrator artwork, and made 4 of 5 scenes in after effects. The last one with the laser blasting will follow later.

Attached Animated Gif of the seperate scenes (due to file size and frame limit)

And an Vimeo link of the almost complete (4 of 5 scenes) animation.

The Vimeo animation has some motion blur in it (discarded it for the animated gif)






Vimeo Embed:

1st Post (2016-01-24)

The choice for me was between "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Battlestar Galactica (1978 original)"

For 2001 and one the part could be the sun comming behind the planet and the Monolith.

But for Battlestar Galactice, I have already more ideas.
This series is one of my childhood favorites. (the new version is also realy nice)

Attached a moodboard from google images. and a rough storyboard of the different sceenes.

I might ad a scene of the steering club, (minimalistic) because this was a verry repetitive shot in all episodes. (film once and use may times)



Some first vector shapes






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