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Battles of Heaven

SELECTION OF TEXT: I chose the second chapter of the Pastures of Heaven and peppered in small accounts from the rest of the collection. I chose the second chapter because I like the way that it spoke to me as a person, or family in this case, that could fall under the understanding that their entire life to a point had been under a curse. Their eventual strength to confront what may or may not have been a very direct curse to combat the curse that had already tormented them, and overcome both curses in the process. Wow, I just said curse many times. I feel like Bert Munroe in particular is kind of a superstitious fellow, he really believes that the world is out to get him. I think this thought can actually be benificial for some, as it was for Bert. He learned to take all good things that came his way with the utmost appreciation. Maybe the Munroes, and Bert in particular, were not meant to enjoy success in this world... but that's just what they/he did.

LOG LINE:  They say these pastures are the Battles of Heaven.




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