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Carolina Frandsen P Costa

Biologist + Ilustrator



Battle for Hogwarts Style

I must start my report by saying that I almost skiped it directly to the Illustrator vectors. But that's just because I have zero experience with character design and I was very anxious to try all the Photoshop tips Mark has given through the lessons. 

So, to avoid the procrastination that I would certainly experience if I'd spend too much time in developing the character, I just asked my little sister which wizard from Harry Potter she wanted me to draw, and she happily asked me for Luna Lovegood. 

After a few sketches and lots of references from Comics style at Pinterest, I´ve come out with these:


I took the central one, did the vector shapes in Illustrator, and this is how it all looked when I imported to Photoshop:


Than I've done the color corrections and another few improvements here and there:


I must say that I don't have any specific Photoshop formation, I'm just a biologist who loves drawing. So I felt in love with simple tips like "locking the transparent mask", "Alt+Del" for filling colors, and so on. I easily lost focus and started rendering before I was done with the shapes correction.

So I ended up with a totaly weird and assimetrical face:


I asked for help to some friends in a forum, and they helped a lot in making me see where the disproportions were. So, I´ve moved on to the textures phase. By now, it's obvious that I couldn't keep simple shapes and simple rendering, but I was having a lot of fun along the process, so I hope it´s ok.

I´ve worked in a background that I wanted to make seem like the chambers of Hogwarts in the ending of the series. It's dark, dangerous, people are quite hopeless. But Luna is a sweet girl, so she is mildly anxious. She knows that she has to defend her friends, and that's all that matters.

I have TONES of improvements to make, but I liked the general result. Mark, thanks a lot for this excelent class. And everyone, sorry for my spelling mistakes.



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