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Marion Lauro

Aspiring artist



Batthings doodling

Hello Jon and fellow doodlers!

I love doodling. Or, rather, I love watching other people doodle. I'm actually really bad at it. I sketch and sketch and sketch everything I draw. I find it impossible to just put your pen (unerasable!) to the paper and just let yourself go.

Well, I did find it impossible.

Because I finally did it! I signed up months ago for this class, did all the doodling exercises (killed dozens of trees) and couldn't do it. I tried again, and again, and again and couldn't get anything decent out of my scribbling.

Not anymore. It's not quite Jon's style of doodling from the video, with an almost continuous line, but it's still doodling. But I'm pretty pleased with it. I used some creatures which I created for something else, and whatever shapes came to mind, to create som kind of cohesive whole.

01| So here it is, my doodle. Not actually drawn on paper, but straight on my iPad (a.k.a. my precious). Since I can't access Illustrator right now, I thought it'd be easier to colour it later on.

(It's not in vector, though. I have yet to find a good vector app.)


Next step will be colours. I'm thinking of a limited palette, 2 or 3 colours. We'll see...


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