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Batteriser Indiegogo campaign second or third email

This is a very interesting product I have been following as I use lots of AA batteries for computer work. So my main interest in the product was the extended life of the battery. But i was hesitating on the Indiegogo presale. However the company was sending periodic emails that reminded me of my procrastination. I did buy the $35 AA package for myself and a computer club that I organized. I cannot wait until November 2015 to try them out and by then I will have used 16 batteries at least.

This email did not move me one way or another. But I do have a huge concern about the problem battery power sources have to the environment. I am not a fan of electric cars and think we need to rethink the environmental benefit of them.  Nevertheless I thought this was a great approach by Batteriser.

To that purpose I think this was a ReadMe email but was a part of a series of email directing you to join the Indiegogo campaign. So it is probably really a Join Me email with the ultimate goal to get you to contribute funding with the incentive to get pre release product. You were joining them in their quest to launch this product so to speak.

The email delivers both the extended battery life message and the environment message via graphics very well. They stuck to a single column layout. This is Gmail client by the way. The headline text was directed to the environment benefit and the paragraphs that follow were th usual blah blah about landfills and such. It only took a scan as those messages are so droned into our lives you can just breeze by them. However they were well worded and brief and got the point across quickly.

The link for the Indeigogo sale was placed just before the second image. If that image did not load, then I suspect the text below it would be enough to keep the second link on their environment statement far enough apart for a small mobile device.

The graphics did include text. I think that may be more a problem with the second image. The first is the Company Product name and tag line and was large print. The second the smaller text could have been dropped and the 15 billion made much larger.




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