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Batman's brother

Batman's brother vector Animal

Bonjour à tous, my name is Ladislas, i'm a "FFID" ( means French Freelance Illustrator and designer)

Living near Marseille. I love illustrations made of "vectors" in illustrator.

I really liked the new skillshare class about designing an animal with geometric shapes, so i decided i wanted to watch it and try to make my own version of it.

I've chosen the "bat" cause i think the shapes of it are very interesting, they're not "evil" animals as some people may think, i would say that there cousin Batman is a remarquable example of this.

Here's my tribute to them and my process, hope you will like it.


What a great animal, with cool and unusual shapes. Bat was definitely a choice that i wanted to pick up for this illustration with geometric shapes.


The ears, mouth, nose , a lot of weird and interesting stuff over here i think.


The goal was to design something that looks like a bat using mostly circles, ellipses and simple shapes.

i like details a lot so i wanted to challenge myself and create something detailled , i didn't thought too much on how to create this in illustrator after ( i made me have some few cold sweat when i worked on illustrator after that !)


Basic shapes of the bat, trying to see how it could be made od circles and lines 


Final sketch of the bat.


After this sketch i had a good idea in my mind of what it could looks like. It was time to try to create this using shapes like circle ellipses....


Following the tips of DKNG i've tried to use shapes, cirlces, circles , ellipses. When i arrived to this i thought i would be tricky to turn this into shapes and colors and guess what ? IT WAS ! :D i banged my head multiple times at the beginning i got lost into colors and shapes... After a period of getting "lost in the dark", i caught back to right track picked some colors that were interesting to me, added some details progressively after getting the big shapes.

I started the artwork with the nose , then the mouth and the eyes and then adding shapes outside of these areas. I added gradient cause i like to put some in my work often, it helped me to separate shapes and keep contrast. And finally i've added a texture on the shape.

Here's the final result, i've used 4 colors to do it :




That's it, if you have any advices , comment and tips , i'm always open to read them. Hope you liked it.

If you want to see more of my work ( i do digital paintings and portraits ) you can watch my behance page here:

I'm also on instagram: @ladislas_c

And i've just created my Artist page on facebook so join me here too:



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