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Batman Poster Project.

So to try and get myself acquianted with Illustrator I am going to recreate this Batman: Dark Knight Poster I found online. This is the original poster:

First of all I have just been working on getting some of the basic shapes drawn out, starting with the central bat shape and the eyes. The course has already proved useful as i've learnt a few useful shortcuts that have sped things up a lot.

Then I moved on to some of the shapes surrounding the central part of the design, at this point I have been mainly using the pen tool to map out all of the detail. I've altered the colours on each element slightly so i don't get lost!

After that I moved onto the face using a combination of the pen, line and brush tools.

To finish off I used the blend tool to duplicate the windows, before deleting the ones with the lights off. I added the text and adjusted it using the character options and then applied some textures over the image and voila!

And here it is next to the original...


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