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Bath Time - QUIET

I'm a graphic designer professionally and I really never sketch (although I know I should), so here goes nothing...

I live in LA but I'm originally from Miami Beach, so I travel home as often as I can. In order not to lose an entire day, I tend to take the red eye flight a lot. Problem is, I can't sleep on planes! As hard as I try I always hear all those little noises happening around me. And it always seems like EVERYONE around me is asleep except me! 

So here's a sketch of what that looks like. Just a quickie I did while at work.

Looking forward to seeing where to go next and hopefully I'll be sketching a lot more from here on out!


So at the very last minute, I decided to go in a different direction. I've been home sick with a cold these last few days, and taking a shower or bath definitely helps with the congestion. It's also probably the closest, most serene and quiet, quick getaway that I know of. 

I still like my first idea but I think rest and relaxtion is what I need right now, along with some Robitussin. So here's my idea...


I think I'm liking this idea a lot. Here's where I'm at with the Illustrator design. Still tweaking it and I need to refine it a bit, add texture, patterns, etc. But any feedback is much appreciated!


Made some adjustments and tried adding some texture. Still getting the hang of it. I think it's looking more dirty than textured, but I don't hate it. Any suggestions or tips?


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