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Bath Salt Label

Project: Label for a jar of bath salts/scrub.  

Jan 10

I mocked up the bottle and photographed it. I tweaked the colors again some but I'm still not quite happy with them. I think the overall composition works well for the label. I added a topper wrap to the bottle. I think an additional label on the back would serve well with instructions/ingredients since I didn't add those to the front. 

Larger version with the color tweaks. 

I also referred back to my inspiration materials and color matched my favorite label. I still don't think it's the final color solution but I did really love what was starting to work for it. 

Dec 31

Finished digital version. Overall I've had a hard time pinning the color scheme down but I like the limited color panel and really love the coral. The hardest part was getting the elements to balance in hierachery. I chose to push a lot of the decorative detailing into the background so the main elements could pop. If anyone has any suggestions or feedback of things to try or improve, I'd love to hear them before I mock up on an actual bottle. 

Upclose Details

Dec 10

Still working on drawing the details, but I've gone through a color refinement. I've honestly had a hard time choosing a color scheme. I went back to my orginal thoughts of a dark green and mint to compliment the green tea and peppermint. I pulled in a bold coral to give it a statement. Still refining a lot of the details but here is a glimspe at what's going on.

Dec 3

I redrew some of the pieces and began the process of digitizing them. 

Dec 1

I did the first ink up of the label. I bought some micron pens this weekend and I want to go back and see if I can perfect the modeling and detailing. These were done with a fine tip ballpoint pen. I usually don't work so detailed in illustrations and I know some of the other projects including Mary Kate's the project is still pretty flat. But I feel like vintage pieces did carry that finer detail so for the sake of experimenting, I'm gonna try to make it pretty fine and high contrast. 


Nov 26

Border/Pattern Tutorial. I know with vintage labels, illustrated borders are a very popular detail. I have a tutorial that will help with getting a pattern on an odd shape, like circles or a more unusal shape.

1. You will draw your basic pattern shape in illustrator. Group all items and drag to the symbol box. It will prompt you to make the symbol either a graphic or movie (both work for this purpose, but I chose graphic).

2. Drag the symbol back to your artboard, then drag it to the brush palette. It will prompt you to make a brush. Choose the pattern brush. You then have an opportunity to change some settings, play around till you get what you are looking for.

3. Draw a path, for this excercise I did a circle. You can make whatever shape you need. Then while it is selected, click on your brush pattern. It will apply it. You can go back and tweak it till it fits your design.

I personally like to finish my projects in InDesign. I've found that it's easier for me to handle typography in that particular program. Once I'm happy with it, I copy and paste everything into InDesign to finish. This really helps me get the perspective correct and equal spacing. That why when I go back and draw it to have flourishes, I have a legit guidline to go by. Hope this helps someone else feel like a rockstar today.

Nov 25

Concept Sketch

Nov 24

Narrowed down my top inspirational reference pieces and what I liked about each. 

Nov 21

My first thought on packaging was to store the salts in a 5x7 plastic bag. The label would be attached to the front. Now I'm thinking of going with a glass jar, possibly a weck jar or some cool looking bottle so that the presentation is more sturdy and sustainable. The idea behind the bag is that the salts would be a one time use, but for this project I think I will have more design opportunity working larger and with more dimensions. 

The scent will be green tea and peppermint and contain the actual botanticals so I want to include  botantical illustrations, probably in the filigree. 

Rough Sketches, really rough

Nov 18-20

Vintage Reference Material

I love the different types of borders these examples had. The label will be vertical so I like the idea of using a diamond shape.

I really would like to incorporate a nice illustration. Probably something flat. The light flourishes in the Cod Liver label is also really nice. Love the color panel in the cologne label. 

Body Copy

Bath Salts
Peppermint & Green Tea
Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Green Tea Leaves, Peppermint Ess. Oil, Baking Soda
Directions: Dump contents into a warm bath. Soak and enjoy for at least 20 mins. 

Brainstorm Sketching

Audience Building and Additional Research

I researched modern packaging and typography that was inspired by vintage typography. I think one thing I picked up on is that alot of beauty/bath products (especially something along a medicinal line) is very clean. A lot of white space. I want the audience (person purchasing product or receiving as a gift) to feel that they have a unqiue, midline product and not just a diy salt scrub they could make at home. Even though they could because the ingredients are that pure and simple. 

Hierarchy of Text

I think one of the most important steps to begin with is determining the hierarchy of the words. Which pieces should be the most prominent, which the least. After that I know I want to include a small simple illustration of a clawfoot tub. The rest will be all decor and flourish to fill the label. One of the challenges I'm facing is the need to center. I usually love to do very simple, clean designs. To me though I feel like to truly mimic the style of a vintage package there needs to be a big of exaggeration of flourishes and decor. I've also noticed how most of the type has a bit of a slant and bounce to it. Definatley going to be a challenge for me to find a good balance but that's what makes getting out of your comfort zone fun. 


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