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Allie Runnion

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Bat Party

UPDATE – 2/23

So, I'm really disappointed because I worked on adding texture to this all afternoon and illustrator just crashed me. I guess I had been saving less frequently since my file has been getting large and its been taking an incredibly long time to save. Lesson learned :(

Luckily I had taken this screen shot about halfway through, although it doesnt show all the progress I had made today. 

I'm a little discouraged because as much as I like working in illustrator, file size/memory seems to be a big issue. Chris, I know you said you save the texture for last because of this. Maybe I'm applying too much texture through the use of brushes?  

UPDATE – 2/17

Below is my illustration blocked in in illustrator. It is still rough— I feel like I could tweak shapes in illustrator forever! But forced myself to stop for now. Would love any feedback on the character expressions... It is definitely something I struggle with. But overall, feeling good about the composition and color direction. Looking forward to moving on with texture/rendering!

UPDATE – 2/13

Here is an updated sketch where I tried to work out the characters a bit more, especially the large bat in the foreground. I will definitely need to work out some of the perspective in the next step as well as the background characters even more, but I have a hard time getting tight in sketch stage.



I'd like to use this class to work on a children's book idea I wrote while in school. The story uses rhyme and repitition to tell the tale of an abandoned house and it's somewhat noisy inhabitants. RATS take over the basement, while the CATS live a floor above, and BATS live in the attic. Both the rats and the bats like to party, but they are worried about waking the cats. I decided to illustrate the scene where the bats call the rats to invite them to the party upstairs. 

Here is my initial sketch. I'd like to finesse the composition a bit as well as focus more on the characters as I move forward.


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