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Bastet seeks to provide an additional feminine perspective in the lane of streetwear. I was inspired to move forward with the line after being an avid fan of designers and noticing how slim the pickings were when it came to choosing streetwear for women. At times I found myself buying items created for men because the options were more frequent and versatile.


The name Bastet derives from the ancient Egyptian Goddess who was half cat and half woman. It is believed she was the Goddess of protection, home, fertility, love and pleasure. I chose this name because I believe it says so much of what a woman is without saying too much. A woman has to be dynamic and multi-faceted to make it in daily life and that is what this brand will represent. Women are adaptable to their environments, it must be done to survive. This is also true for felines as well. Bastet was also chosen as a brand name because the things that will be signature inspirations to the line also tie in to the image of the Goddess.


The logo pictured says so much without being too busy. This allows versatility. It is very clean and combines both the icon (the catwoman) and wordmark.


The line's style will be mix of pin up/vintage culture, history and comic books.


The immaculate world of herstory


We are currently in the process of building our first collection. Please stay tuned!


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