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Bass Player

I know that this isn't exactly in keeping with what I've done on this project so far but I thought I would share it anyhow. One of my workmates asked me to draw up one of our other workmates. I have been using the techniques outlined in the lectures for the past couple of weeks to great effect. I find I get a much better feeling for my drawings when I sketch them out on paper rather than on tablet first. This is one such instance. I completed the sketch in really good time but never got around to showing it to anyone, so I thought it might be a good idea to push through and see how it turns out.

It's rough as guts I know but I'm quite happy with it. I like rough as guts. Also I did this in Manga Studio rather than Photoshop. I've been trying to move my workflow into Manga Studio and this seemed like as good a time as any to give it a shot.

Still lots to lear, I'm pretty sure I skipped a few steps along the line at some point which may or may not have been due to excitment but I have other sketches I can work through to nail down the workflow. I still have to figure out what it is that clipping layers do exactly. And I might change this bass player project into something else. I have better sketches that I am itching to use.

This is the latest incarnation. I did a bunch of thumbs of a little guy on a stool but it didn't feel right. I've been messing around with having one guy standing on the other which looked kind of cool but didn't make a great deal of sense. And it was going to get very boggy when it got to silhouette phase so I ditched it for this. Which I like very much.

Having a lot of fun just throwing down shapes and not worrying about the details. I'm very prone to wasting time on details so it's very good practice for me to just drop a circle and pretend its a shoe until I get later on in the drawing. Really need to do some work on that bass sooner than later.

I really just wanted to do a cartoon musician and bass in my favourite instrument. My original idea was to do a musician of disproportionate size to the instrument. In this case I wanted to do a giant playing a double bass which would look the size of a ukalele. I was making some good progress following the steps but at some point I realized that the silhouette was never going to work like that. No matter where I put the bass or his hands, something was obsured so I decided to tone it back a smidge make the bass and the player closer in size.

This is still early in the process and things will most likely change as I re-watch the videos and try things out. Technically this is still character exploration but I've been checking the silhouette a lot to make sure it works to a certain degree. I'm still not sold on it, I like the (screen) left hand now and I'm wondering if I can get away with the bass neck obscuring the (screen) right hand. We shall see. That hand isn't particularly well sketched or positioned at this point. It's been an awful lot of work to get to this point. It looked so much easier in the video.


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