Baskerville vs Garamond!

Hello everyone!

I'm very excited about this class! Im starting to get back into watercolor and starting to work with Illustrator again, soo this seems like a wonderful combination!

Anyways, Part 1:

I couldnt decide between Baskerville and Garamond. I love them both! So, I printed and traced both. I think I might just do both all the way through, kind of be able to experiement a bit.





So thats all to show for now!

Watercolor next! :D

I've been working on nature-y type projects, so there's been along of green, which I like, and I thought I could use one of these alphabets for that project. But I had two fonts! And I'm looking forward to fall, it's my favorite, but I always get a bit sad around this time. I'm in California and I miss east coast autumns. So I decided to do a Spring and Autumn theme for these two fonts!

I decided that Baskerville looked a bit more springy and Garamond was more solomn.

Baskerville - Sping:


Garamond - Fall:



It was fun to just let the watercolor go. Let it do what it does.

I'll paint my uppercase letters a little later. For right now I just did the ones that I am planning on using for this project. 

Excited to take these into the computer!

Cleaned up and Vectorized:



And yes. Yes, I did forget to paint the tail of the 'y' in Fall... -_-


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