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I recently started keeping a sketch journal again after years of being away from drawing and painting. Once upon a time, I was an oil painter. I also enjoyed pastels, colored pencils, ink, charcoal, graphite, gouache...lots of mediums, EXCEPT WATERCOLOR!! I don't know how many Winsor & Newton watercolor kits I tried once and threw in a box somewhere because I just couldn't "get" the medium. But, since I don't get much time to paint in oil anymore, I decided to get some quick color into my sketchbook, I would try to learn watercolor again. So far, I've come to enjoy it. It's still a challenge. But, I like experimenting with it. There are times when I know I'm overworking it, or I'm just not figuring out what I need to figure out fast enough...Sometimes, I think I'm just in oil mode (planning for highlights beforehand is not second nature for me). There is something to be said about just jumping in and doing. But, while I like playing with the medium in an instictual way, I still would like to know why the paint does what it does and hopefully be able to know how and when to control that (and when to let it flow). So, I've joined this class and am reading up on the watercolor to see what's what. 


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