Basics of Storyboarding: Telling Your Story In A Visual Way

Basics of Storyboarding: Telling Your Story In A Visual Way - student project

In this class, you'll learn how to make a visual representation of your script (or screenplay). This is called a storyboard.

Storyboarding is useful when you have the script of your film finished, and want to move on to actually creating your film, be it live-action or animated. It helps you decide if your story is understandable, and it helps your team know what you want to accomplish.

I'll show you the basics of storyboarding, such as:

  • Easy ways to make sure your idea is understood
  • Tips for framing and staging of your characters
  • Correct pacing and timing of actions
  • The differences between a storyboard for live-action and animation


Class project:

For the class project, you'll make your own storyboard of a short scene. I've provided a script as an example. You can use my script, or create your own.

Remember, you can do your storyboard digitally, or traditionally. Use the option that you feel most comfortable with.


Here's the link to my outline:

This was quite a task, but it would definitely help me make sure the class is well structured!


Edit: My class is published! This was such a fun journey (:

Adrie Manquero
Recent VFX graduate