Nitisha Jha

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Basics of Infant Photography

Class Description:

Are you interested in becoming a newborn photographer, but wondering how to get started?  Newborn photography, like any other type of photography, is a complex art, but in this course you will learn some basic and powerful tips to help you on the road to success with your first newborn photography sessions.

Those first weeks of new life, new love, new family are absolutely magical. The new addition to a family is the single most beautiful and exhilarating experience that I have ever had. To get to be a tiny part of this experience with new mothers, new fathers and once again parents is humbling and honoring. Newborn photos capture those early days and moments. When you look at your newborn photos on a good or even a bad day (and trust me there will be some bad days) all the magic, love, and exhilaration of bringing your baby into this world are felt again, and again.

Class Project :

I hope you have learnt a good deal of tips from this course to venture your own new born photography. Don’t forget to post your photos so that everyone can benefit and feel encouraged too.

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