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Irvin Hwang




Basic (Web) Programming: Making A Collage Aquarium


Here is a first draft for my class outline.  I don't think the video lengths are too accurate right now, but hopefully as I think through the content for each one I can make better estimates.  I'm currently thinking there's too much stuff to cover in program organization so I might cut that out or simplify it a lot.



I'll cover some basic web concepts like how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript interact on a page as well as talking about more general programming concepts and the steps I go through when working on a project.  I've never made this particular project so I'm thinking about recording myself doing the whole thing from start to finish while narrating to try and capture the process I go through, but we'll see... I probably need to take a Skillshare video editing course first :-)


The collage aquarium will basically be a background image and some moving fish images.  I picked this project since it seems relatively simple to make, people can have fun and personalize their aquarium by picking out the images, and since it's a web page they can put it up and share it.  It can also be made more complicated in a few different dimensions (e.g. fish behavior and animations) for people who want to take it further or for future classes.


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