Basic Watercolor Practice

Basic Watercolor Practice - student project

This my first time using watercolor and because of the quarantine I'm very much motivated to pursue this medium. This lesson is so helpful for beginners like me. I should practice more on how to direct the water puddles in a corner and don't go over the color over and over again as it looks patchy.

Basic Watercolor Practice - image 1 - student projectThis is my favorite page! I'll practice more on tonal values.

Basic Watercolor Practice - image 2 - student projectHere I tried to do 2 small projects and applied layering. I used watercolor in tubes in the first one (strawberries) and I noticed that I have difficulty in layering as it's much more opaque and paints activate quickly, my watercolor in pan are much more manageable.


Overall I enjoyed a lot participating this class. I'll learn more and I'll see you on your other lessons!

Agatha Flor
Junior Illustrator