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Basic Video Editing With Free Software

Joined the Marketing class.
Posted a project with actions.

The class link:

Completed Editing Lessons!!

Completed Filming Lessons!

Uploaded test intro (a work in progress - been mostly testing screen recording software!):

My Skillshare Class Intro (a test file so far - more to do!)

Shared class outline (part 1 of the series):

My Skillshare Class Outline - Basic Video Editing GPStudio

Decided to split class into a series of classes.

During the outlining process, I realized that the content might be too much for a single class, and to allow for different levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) it might be best to split this into a series.

Revised class topics:

  • Basic Video Editing: import, convert, storyboard & export – GoPro Studio Series, part 1 (no need to have a GoPro camera!)
  • Intermediate Video Editing Tricks: audio, trim, frame, speed, transitions & titles – GoPro Studio Series, part 2

  • Advanced Video Editing Tricks: keyframing image adjustments – GoPro Studio Series, part 3

I plan to focus primarily on part 1 for the September Teach Challenge.

Revised class project (for part 1): Create a short video consisting of multiple clips using any device to film and GoPro Studio to edit. The video should be approximately 1 – 2 minutes long and combine at least 4 clips via the storyboard. Post your video (use <> embed media link from e.g. YouTube) on the project board. 

I'd be really grateful for feedback regarding the title for part 1:

Easy Video Editing using Powerful Free Software
Basic Video Editing: import, convert, storyboard & export – GoPro Studio Series, part 1

Shared topic and project:

  • Class topic: Easy Yet Advanced Video Editing using the Free Version of GoPro(r) Studio as a Stand-Alone Application
  • Class project: Create a short video that includes at least 2 of the editing techniques discussed (trim, join, speed, framing, adjustment, effects, titles). 

Watched 'Teach an Amazing Skillshare Class'.

Started Class Draft.


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