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Joshua Pitzalis

Web Developer



Basic Kitchen Labels

I just moved into a new house. The kitchen is a mess. Nothing has a home yet. The entire kitchen gets rearranged depending on who does the dishes.

The solution is a group of labels for what goes where.

My initial concept sketches (I didn't bother with a mind map because the exercise was so straight forward).

I decided to use the rounded rectangle as my foundation shape (I kept in there as shape #3)

I fleshed out the badges in illustrator.

Now for the colour.

I used Dominic's colour board on pintrest for inspiration.

This christmas card by Alice Stevenson stood out for me. Warm yellows and oranges for food and a complimentary blue for contrast.

I added two darker tones so that I could create depth with the blues and oranges.

I completely lost the plates completely in the colouring process. Not that they were great to start with.

Now, for the finishing touches...


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