Basic Drawing Practice

Basic Drawing Practice - student project

Basic Drawing Practice - image 1 - student project

This is my first time being taught the overhand pencil grip and the effect is much better than when I only knew how to use the tripod grip.

It seems to allow for layers to build up rather than look flat. To prevent that, I'd either have to adopt a simple drawing characterised by outlines or stiffen my arm to adjust the force asserted.

I also find the drawing 'gestures' and practices interesting and helpful.

One particular thing is that I realised there need to be a lot of focus taken to observe and make every line meaningful, rather than making things up.


Basic Drawing Practice - image 2 - student project


I almost followed through the entire process of drawing this scene. At the end I deviated a bit from thinking of what each small detail is composed of as a shape, but using the small details as mark makings to form the larger shape e.g. the flower pedal on the top right. It felt easier and needed less focus and thoughts but the result is less 3D despite still presentable (perhaps it's because it is the final layer on top of layers I drew following the video's process.

It is interesting that you mentioned developing mark makings as opposed to those using marks made by all beginners. I used some cross-hatches for simplicity's sake for the shadow in the leave at the back in the middle and some 'wiggly concise dynamic lines' for some part of the contours of the flower in middle to add some interest? Yet, I think it is quite true that a good foundation need to be built first. I wonder how it works for pen drawings??

Basic Drawing Practice - image 3 - student project

This class makes me want to study anatomy. It feels quite fascinating.