Joel Carda

Jaden (8 years old)



Basic Breakout

We've been keeping up with the lessons, but haven't had a chance to get creative yet. Finally figured out how to share the web build thanks to Steven and Robert. Here's our Breakout.

Hi my name is Jaden. My current age is 8 and on this project I had little help from my dad on creating Gel of Death. In the future I plan to make levels, a captain, and a little duplicator/escape pod system where you have a few options to change your character with adding thing like swords, capes, and other things.

This is my dad's part:

Hi, I'm dad. I'm a language teacher and I also work on website that makes simple online learning activities for language students. My original idea was to learn to make some simple language simulation games, but since Jaden often dreams of being a video game designer (as many kids in his generation do I think), I thought, "Why not take the class with him, integrate our ideas, and he actually CAN be a video game designer." 


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