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BartFlipped - image 1 - student project

BART Flipped Logo

This is not my initials but is along the same guidelines so I decided to share.

Here is some backstory:

I run a photography project website where I went to all 44 BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) stations for 'street' photography during the day, and then another session during the night. The goal was to expose the natural beauty of the things we make, and who we are in a super mundane environment.

The logo itself speaks to these following things:

  • You can ride from one end of the line to another (Showing that path in the logo, not infinity as each line has ends).
  • The BART logo is a helvetica BA, so I wanted to do a version of a BA that speaks to the lines and to rail travel in a homage way.
  • One version has the 5 line colors in it as a tribute to each of the BART lines. I have not decided which version is primary.

Hope this helps explain the logo. Any feedback is more than welcome. Thanks!

Tim Preut
Coffee inspired.