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Barry the Buccaneer

Day 1: References

Hi Guys, just finished gathering references and started sketching my pirates today. here's the link for my references, I'll post the sketches asap.


Day 2: Sketching

Started doing my pirate sketches. I choosed to go for a regular looking pirate. These are my first sketches, but im not happy with them at all. As a matter of fact I'm sketching more right now. I'll keep posting them untill I find one that makes me happy to render. Feedback will be much apreciated.


Here's the 2nd page of sketches I just finished, kinda liking more those ones.


*Sorry if my english is confusing, it is my second language.

Day 3: Vector Shapes


Just to update, I've already made the shapes into a PSD, I'm about to start the rendering.
I'm having a lot of fun with this class, thanks a lot Matt.
Once you chose the parrot dude, he's the one I'm rendering.

Cheers, dudes

Day 4 - Shape Colors

I'm just happy about the shape base colors and clipping. I added a lil' bit of details and the rope to give the guy more balance.

I'm taking all that time to finish cause I'm a bit overwhelmed with work those past weeks, bummer.





Day 19237912738127398182

Hey there fellas! I just passed trough a storm of jobs and took a loooong time to finish my rendering, but now is kinda done. Not 100% sure if I'm happy with him, but I think is good for a start. gonna watch the color adjustment video now and hopefully finish the whole project :)



and here it is :)


I really enjoy the class, very usefull tips for a fair price.

Thanks a lot, Mr. Matt :)

* I made it available as art prints for sale @ society6


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