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Barranquilla Pennant

Hi everybody,

This is my first project here, and my english isn't very good, so I'm gonna be brief. Hope you enjoy watching my work as I enjoy doing it.

Chosen City

I'm from Barranquilla, Colombia, so I decided use my home city for the project because is a caribbean city full of natural colors, trees, flowers, animals, beachs and the second biggest carnival in the world!, a lovely place to visit...well, Barranquilla is also known as the Golden Gate of Colombia 'cause the port of the Magdalena river was the principal access for merchandise in the country.

Reference Photos



These are my references photos, I choose the Pumarejo Bridge in the Magdalena River and the flower of Barranquilla ( Red Cayena ) to symbolize the spirit of the city and his natural wealth.

Favourite Oxford Pennant

Browsing at the Oxford's web these are my favourites for the colors and the combination of illustration and lettering.



I like those "College style" pennants, so I put some references of them.




Initially, I make a custom hand lettering for the word "Barranquilla" but I think it didn't fix with the design, so I discard this idea.


For the colors palette I used the colors of the Barranquilla's flag.


To get the "College style" feeling, I used the Aardvark font and add a very simplified illustration in two colors of the Pumarejo Bridge and the Cayena flower, this is the result:


Well, when I felt satisfied with the design I just add some textures using the threshold method in photoshop and the living trace in illustrator, and this is the final result:


This is a close up view to appreciate the texture, I don't want to add too much texture 'cause I think it looks too rustic and lose some details, so the texture is very subtle.


well that's all, I hope you like it.


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