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Kristen D

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Baroque Floral

I'm obsessed with pattern making, and have been doing it for about three years now. I am really inspired by French baroque and rococo art as well as Thai ornamental line work. Almost all of my work up to this point has had the end goal of being laser cut and turned into light fixtures. I was thrilled to find this class, I didn't quite know Surface Designer was a career, and it has definitely changed my career goals :) 

I've had a blast figuring out how to create my patterns for surface design, the rules are entirely different from making them for laser cutting. When you're going to cut something you can't have any part of the design overlap, or it will get cut out of the piece. It was fun to be able to create things that would overlap! And adding color was more challenging than I anticipated, I haven't had to color my pattern work before because the shapes just get cut out of wood, and the light I put behind them once they're finished is a solid color. 

Here's an example of one of my patterns for laser cutting:


I have a ton of sketches in my notebook that I haven't used yet, so I went searching through and found a couple doodles I thought I could turn into something.

This is the first edition of my final Baroque Floral:


After maing this and repeating it a couple of times, I thought it needed a tiny something to connect the patters a bit more, and after looking at these colors for a while decided I really didn't like once it was repeated. So this is the second version:


I think these colors are okay, but I ended up liking the grey, white and orange better:


I think it feels a bit classier :)


I'm in the process of creating more secondary patterns for it, but this is one that I have so far:



I am definitely going to be making many more of these :)  Thanks for the awesome class Elizabeth!


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