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Barney's Surprise Visit


Here are the rough storyboards! Hopefully it is legible enough for you guys to understand. Towards the end needs to be refined and smoothed out in sequence. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! PLEASE PLASE PLEASE rip it apart and be constructive! I love critiques. I've been slacking but I plan on going through all the other projects to give some constructive criticism as well :)



After making paradigms for both ideas 1 and 3, I soon realized that the third idea, (Barney's Surprise Visit), was a much better storyto work with. 


Here are some sketches I did! A combination of my first and third idea. I pretty much looked the same from Kindergarten to 2nd grade...I was pretty torn with choosing a topic. I'll make a paradigm for both!

Reference for Idea #1:

Reference for Idea #3:


Ideas. Not sure which one to work on! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

1) In 2nd grade, I had this huge crush on this girl . Liked her for most of the school year, until one day. Valentine’s Day was coming up and I decided to make her a card. I can’t remember much of what I said but something like “Happy Valentine’s Day!” with terrible drawings of hearts and happy faces. I spent a long time the night before, working on it. Long story short, I put the card in her desk the next morning before class started. When she read the card, she walked over, tapped me on the shoulder and ripped the card in front of me. Pretty depressing story…BUT years later, long after that traumatic experience, we became friends again! And she confessed that she had a crush on me too but did not know how to express her feelings.

2) When I was 17, my girlfriend and I had weekend plans to visit an art gallery.  It was her idea  and she insisted on going. She knew I had some interest in art (silly me did not know what I wanted to do with my life at that point). I knew she was doing it for my benefit, in hopes that I would find inspiration. I didn’t expect much at all. Well on that day, we got lost trying to find the place and ended up arguing, which led to opening a can of worms (can’t remember the argument). Well finally, we found the gallery that was in a run-down part of downtown.  We were skeptical at that point. But as soon as we entered, we were both completely blown away. 

That was a defining moment of my life. That was the day I found my passion for art. I am so grateful she dragged me along with her!

3) In Kindergarten, there was a ‘Barney the Dinosaur" birthday themed party in class and it was festive with balloons, confetti, cake, etc. Everything Barney. I was having a blast until a “special guest" surprised us later that day. Barney stormed into the clasroom as the theme song blasted from the stereo. All the kids screamed for joy, except for me. I was completely terrified at how tall he was and his eyes…his eyes creeped me out. I ran to the bathroom crying. I hid myself in one of the stalls, locked the door, curled up and cried until my teacher came to comfort me. I’m pretty sure I heard her gigggling as she told me everything was going to be okay. Anyways…took about 10 minutes to calm me down and she carried me back to class and fed me cake. All was well then.


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