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Gloria Chiang




Barney & Friend by Andrew Bannecker

I am okay with Photoshop but shy away from Illustrator because I never quite got the hang of the Pen tool. Despite having tried some great tutorials online, I never got into vectors but I am now inspired and excited to give it another shot. To reproduce someone else's work is a much better way to learn and practice than trying to design your own from scratch. Therefore I have chosen this amazing illustration by Andrew Bannecker as my starting point. (Thank you, Andrew, for letting me use your drawing.)

So I've started with some basic shapes - ellipses and rounded rectangles. Having trouble with the moustache. Tried using a rounded rectangle but a rectangle has straight sides. How do I convert the straight sides to curves?

Used the Pen tool for the moustache in the end. Added a few anchor points and Shift+C several times. It is going to take loads of practice before I get the hang of this Pen business! Tried the Brush tool for the fluffy lashes at first but switched to the Blob tool instead and it worked much better. Now I wish I had one of those Wacom tablets... You can see I used a combination of ellipses and lines for the hearts.

HUGE MISTAKE of merging the head with the ears!!! Got trigger happy with the Shape Builder Tool and now it is more work to overlap the ears correctly. (Tried undo-ing but by the time I realised what I'd done, it was too late.) I used Clipping Mask for the stripey shirts.

Ok, so I cheated and added the texture and text in Photoshop because I couldn't achieve the effect I wanted and I couldn't get the text to look sharp. This has been a very interesting experience trying to replicate another artist's work. Felt almost as if you were trying to get into his mind and think the way he thinks. An excellent tutorial and a very helpful exercise. I'm definitely going to use Illustrator more in the future. Thanks, Brad!


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