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Barney Crest

I really enjoyed this class and found it to be fun and educational. Because I had just completed transcribing over 25 years of journal entries of one of my Barney ancestors and compiled it into one volume for an heirloom for extended family members, I thought it would be nice to present the book to them with a book mark with the new family crest.

I considered the following life events of the Barney family that I might like to include in the crest:

o   His ancestors are from Scotland. He was born on the 4th of July.

o   He was very strong and athletic in his youth and won many championships in track and field during his high school and college years.

o He fought in WWI and was severely wounded on his first day of battle (the same date of his first wedding anniversary).

o He received his Doctorate in Agriculture and his career was with the American Smelting and Refining Company, walking and surveying all the fields of wheat, alfalfa and orchards in Salt Lake County.

o His wife loved to garden and especially loved roses. Eight years after she died, he remarried. He had four children and twenty-two grandchildren.

o His loved to travel, to drive, and to take his family on road trips.

o The most quoted phrase in his journal (even during times of discouragement and trials) was, "All are well and happy. Good Night."

Reference photos that I used:


Below is the Barney Crest - first draft. I liked the sheaves of wheat but the concept was already covered in the third hillside of rows of crops. The children and grandchildren were represented but not his wives. So I I thought I'd try roses (to represent his wives) in place of the sheaves of wheat.


Below is the final Barney Family Crest and bookmark (final, as soon as the typo is corrected):



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