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SP Van der Merwe

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Barn Animation

Hello everybody.

This was the first skillshare course I undertook, and boy am I glad I took it. Before this course, I had always feared the graph editor when working in After Effects. I had avoided it severely, and thus it contributed to me not getting as much work done as I would have liked.

But now I am confidently writing this post after comleting my animation. It may not be the best, but I managed to learn a lot from this course, and will definitely be using these newly learnt skill in the future.

Here is an image of the design I created in Illustrator. Please excuse the shoddy design work, I am still an illustrator newby.


My design turend out to take quite a bit longer to design in illustrator, and especially the animation part in after effects. But I was confident in my design, so I decided to just keep my head down and finish the job. Here is a snapshot of the design open and optimized in After Effects, ready for animating:


Finally after quite some time tinkering around in After Effects, I managed to produce an animation I was somewhat satisfied with. There are a whole bunch of things I would like to improve and change, but I thought it would be best to finish off this project and move on to try and improve my skills. Here's the animation:


So there it is. It isn't much, but atleast it's done!

Hope all of you had as much fun as I did when buidling your animation.




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