Barkeeper Jules

Barkeeper Jules - student project

This class was so major for me, that I wrote about the experience of using storytelling in my blog post.

Thanks Hayden for the instruction! You helped me make a well-rounded character out of some drawn lines.

Barkeeper Jules - image 1 - student project

The story as it were:

The daring Jess “Jules” Harrington was from the fictional town of Remington in upstate New York. She tended to be as headstrong as she was pretty. Both qualities served her well, especially in the 1950’s, when she fought hard to acquire her uncle’s old bar...

Uncle Wayne was a fun-loving guy who had a tendency to find trouble.

In 1948, he found himself the proud owner (through questionable dealings) of “Rowdy Joe’s Tavern”, a dive bar in New York that shared his knack for attracting “undesirables”. In 1955, a mysterious fire nearly destroyed the bar, with many concluding it was due to Uncle Wayne’s past dealings with known underworld associates.

With the structure in ruins and no one to claim the former bar or the property, a rare opportunity and unknown benefactor helped aid Jules (who was working tirelessly to get the burnt-out bar since the fire) to become the new owner. Finally, in late 1957, Jules opened the pub, renaming it “The Feisty Pug”.

Barkeeper Jules - image 2 - student project

Grab some matches on the way out.

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