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-- - Premium and Natural Dog Food

Module 1 - Business Model

Your puppy is adordable, loving and you will do anything to make it happy.

Make sure your loveable 4 legged friend gets the best health and nutrition from day 1 by getting the exact puppy food and nutrition delivered to your kennel (home) on your time schedule

It's so easy to fall in the trap, of your loving new pooch, eating the wrong grain based foods, that can make your puppy sick and possibly lead to costly medical vet bills to clear up skin irriations and stomach complications

We make it easy for you and make it even better for your new puppy.

We have worked with Australia's leading dog nutritionists (yep, we have people who love dogs so  much they study dog nutrition) and dog naturo-paths to put together the exact puppy food package to make sure your puppy's coat is shiny, skin is healthy and has more energy than an energizer bunny (and of course puppies are more energitic than bunnies).

And as we love helping you bond with your puppy so much, we provide puppy nutrition and training workshops - for Free. We just ask that you bring a smile and have lots of fun.

From the first day your puppy comes home, we will be there to make sure your puppy gets the best nutritional food available and delivered to your kennel when you want it.

Module 2 - Free Lance v Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur:

1. Will hire a social marketing/ marketing person passionate about dogs to 

- create a buzz in social media about how to help puppy owners

- organize events to promote puppy and dog food nutrition awareness

- provide awesome dog nutrition advice

2. Employ a developer/ designer to 

- quickly update web content with new offerings

Module 3 -Funding

Q1: Do I need money

- Require money to setup initial eCommerce Site. For pilot period, can drop ship from local pet store to test concepts

Q2 More cash equal more cashflow

- Having more cash will allow for the easy alternative of using a online marketing firm. However, this will add costs, and distance myself from the learning/ testing process. Using less funds will make us more creative and think outside the square for PR opportunities

Q3 What will money pay for

- Marketing guidance (dog marketing expert/ nutrition advice for 1st time customers)

- website

- stock

- potential to buy existing competitor email database. Will look for a win / win where pay commission per sale made, rather than flat fee. Email opportunity will also focus on value/ build relationship rather than quick sale

Q4 How long until money invested makes a return

- Money invested will make a return after 1 month once site officially launched 

- break even will occur in month 10

Q5 Plan to sell

- No plan to sell within first 3 years. 

Q6 When is scale reached

- Plan is use storage space in month 4, once customer base builds


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