Bark and Co

I started by looking into the brands the client liked



Both were bold and playful. I liked the use of dots in the first brands header and thought that it could be a fun way to create a point of difference for my Pet Store brand.

The second brand has a very simple text logo but one that place with space and shape. Due to neither brand having a icon within their logo I decided that I would just use text, colour and texture to make my branding. 

Next I looked into finding a bold colour pallet. I found a few images that I liked for inspiration




I found a few colours from the Navy Chic pallet that I thought could work. I turned them into swatches. While I was trilling the colours I also made a darker set of swatches to see if I could make the set look more adult. I didn't want the colours to look to young

Next I looked into fonts



I did like the bottom script font but due to readability I leant towards the san serif fonts. Particularly the second and the forth. I liked the idea of minimising the impact of the word 'and'.

After deciding on the forth font due to its playful nature I needed to decide how to colour the logo. 


I tried out my second set of swatches, 


I really liked the bolder colours of the first swatch set. 

I used a mix of colours and shapes to add interest and then followed it through by creating patterns with the circles and triangles. 


Too see how it would look in sticker form I decided to try it in a circle


Although I liked the wider stroke on the circle I felt the thiner stroke with a yellow key line created more depth to the logo.  After experimenting with pattern around the logo I decided on the central logo you see that the bottom. It was easy to read and had the same look and feel that the brand required. 


Here is my brand identity kit - 




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